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We firmly believe that a yacht charter agency must create added value by providing local knowledge. This can be achieved only through familiarity with the destinations, experience in sailing, knowledge of the yachts and their crews, and passion for the sea and its culture. Every journey we organize is tailored upon our guests' requirements, so please contact us to request your private itinerary. All our voyages leave a very low carbon footprint. Check the pages of our magazine for more information.

Always to follow the LLLL rule: lead, log, longitude and lookout. Keep an eye around and always be sure of where you are and what you are supposed to have below your craft

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From Bodrum

Sailing from our base at Yalikavak near Bodrum, you will experience the most beautiful cruising grounds in the Mediterranean. To the North, South, East and West of Yalikavak are fabulously varying sailing areas. The Turkish coastal belt has the sweet perfume of mandarin groves, pine forests and flowering oleander. No matter in which direction you head you will find remote secluded bays, unspoilt fishing hamlets and colourful coastal towns. The Gulf of Gokova is to the East and at its entrance is Bodrum, alive with bars, restaurants and bustling market stalls. Here you can get lost in time bargaining for virtually anything from exotic spices to silk carpets. In the contrast of this hive of activity are the many sheltered anchorages cleft deep into the mountainous coastline. Explore and discover small fishing villages, farming settlements and hidden coves where simple wooden jetties are the watermark of cheerful easy going restaurants. These are the places where you can really let your hair down and join in the local entertainment of folk songs and belly dancing. The Gulf of Gulluk is north of Yalikavak and hosts two vastly different shores. On the southern shore are Torba, Turk Buku and Gundogan, playgrounds of Turkey 's rich and famous. While the northern side of the gulf is for those who really want to escape. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with dozens of quiet and picturesque retreats such as Iassos, guarded by the ruins of a fortress built in the 12th Century, Kazikli where you will be greeted by inky blue waters, sandy beaches and a family of inquisitive white ducks. South of Yalikavak, at the furthest reaches of the Datca peninsula, where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas unite, is the tiny hamlet of Knidos. In the 4th Century there were 70,000 inhabitants, now just a few goat herders, the restaurateur and his family. Above and below the crystal clear water the remains of the past await you: snorkel around the sunken walls of the Trireme harbour or climb the amphitheatre to the temple where Aphrodite once reigned. Further down the coast is Datca, an isolated yet thriving holiday village, excellent for catching up on some nightlife and trading experiences with the many sailors that call in there. An opportune moment to restock with fresh supplies before venturing into the Dorian Gulf . Within this gulf are literally hundreds of coves and inlets, all with the invigorating scent of the pine forests which climb up from the shores. Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kalkan, Kas and Kekova are within comfortable reach for those who want to voyage further and open up even more possibilities that keep our guests returning year after year. The Greek Dodecanese Islands are west of our base and easily accessed after completing the necessary port formalities. Rugged and bare of vegetation, the islands offer a complete contrast of culture and scenary for the adventurous yachtsman.

From Gocek

Set at the north-west end of the Gulf of Fethiye, Gocek is blessed with magnificent scenery. Backed by majestic mountains and substantial pine forests it looks out over the Twelve Islands, which provide shelter for Gocek's almost circular bay that has made the village such a perfect, natural harbor. Lured by such perfection, the yachting community has long made Gocek a favorite, and it is also a popular stop for gullet cruises.
Yachts as well as being moored at the wharf, which belongs to the municipality, can also moor either at the Skopea Marina or at the Club Marina which takes its place in Büngüs Cove with unbelievable beauty.
Sea and nature in Göcek where no contamination takes place at all are gleaming shining as if they had just been created. In addition, the collection of contaminants in coves, by the Göcek Culture and Tourism Association shall contribute to the keeping of this condition in the area for a long while. Also the construction policy implemented by the municipality prevents the spoiling of nature by not allowing new structures.
This region, since 1988 has been declared a special environmental protection area and as a result has become a third degree natural site. In the waters near the Forest Department administration section in the vicinity of Göcek a breakwater and a variety of old remains can be observed.
The old name of Göcek is Kalinche and in nearby coves, like in this one, many other old remains can be seen. These remains are a proof of these coves having been used in earlier times. If you decide to stay in Göcek, like the famous poet Homer of Izmir says when the sun sends its golden rays behind the mountains and at the moment the color of the waters transform into the color of wine, colorful nights of Göcek start. After living up the nights in Göcek until the time of complete satisfaction, let us depart here to meet in coves of Göcek which itself is the paradise on the earth which owns marvels of nature, each more beautiful than the other, like Atbükü, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi, Siralibük, Sarsala, Manastir, Göbün Coves and Göcek, Yassicalar, Tersane and Domuz Islands.
Perhaps this explains Gocek's impressive range of facilities for a place that remains so blissfully unspoiled: there are only a handful of small hotels and pensions, yet all along the wide, landscaped promenade that fringes the quayside, there are plenty of eateries, from simple cafes to excellent restaurants specializing in delicious fresh fish. In the back streets and around the old village square by the mosque, there is a surprising array of interesting craft shops.
From the harbor you can take boat trips around the Twelve Islands and a boat is also the natural choice of transport to reach Gocek's beaches, the nearest of which lies just a little further around the bay. An enjoyable, 20-minute trip - which is provided daily free of charge for Simply Turkey guests - takes you to an immensely picturesque cove on Gocek Island, where you can feel like Robinson Crusoe for the day!
Göcek which recently became the meeting point of yachtsmen and lovers of the sea, has attained a justified fame with its natural position. The coves where colorful yachts ranging from the latest models to small vessels meet, can be visited in all seasons. In addition to being an ideal place from the standpoint of wind, sea and air temperature, it is only 22 km from the Dalaman Airport with international standards. Also the yacht marina built in recent years and improved rapidly has placed Göcek into a privileged state. Any plane that you board, for example, in Istanbul, Ankara and even some places abroad would relieve you from the problems of world and take to the blue-green paradise of Göcek.
Besides all of these, Göcek is, at the furthest north end of Fethiye bay, and is in a location very close to both the islands and to the coves each more beautiful than the other. You can meet all of your requirements here before starting out for a blue voyage and very easily come back within few days to replenish your supplies.
Göcek which was a small village until very recently has now became a municipality within a very short period of time with the yacht marina. Due to its location on the Fethiye highway, in Göcek where land transportation is also made, you can obtain all the provisions you need to world standards as well as being able to find all kinds of domestic and foreign newspapers, books, and other publications. It is possible to enter into the port of Göcek, regardless of day or night, without any danger at all.

Here follow two 15-day itineraries

West Route
Saturday Arriving in Gocek
Sunday Gulf of Göcek
Monday Ekincik
Tuesday Kadirga Limani
Wednesday Serce Limani - Bozuk Buku (Bozukkale)
Thursday Bencik Limani
Friday Datca
Saturday Kecibuku (Orhaniye)
Sunday Bozburun
Monday Arapadasi
Tuesday Marmaris
Wednesday Baba Adasi
Thursday Aga Limani
Friday Evening in Gocek

East Route
Saturday Arriving in Gocek
Sunday Gulf of Göcek
Monday Oludeniz - Gemiler Island - Bestas Limani
Tuesday Yesilkoy Limanı - Kas
Wednesday Kekova Roads - Tersane - Ucagiz
Thursday Kalekoy - Gokkaya Limani
Friday Karaloz or Woodhouse Bay
Saturday Bayindir Limani - Kas
Sunday Karacaoren Buku
Monday Ekincik
Tuesday Ağa Limani
Wednesday Turunçpinari (Pinaralti)
Thursday Gulf of Gocek
Friday Evening in Gocek


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