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Is there a better reason to travel than to discover the flavours of our world? Our eyes collect just images. Our tongue, our nose and our mouth, on the other side, are able to transfer a fuller range of emotions. Each country around the Mediterranean Sea has its own culinary traditions and its heritage of flavours. But there is more: these are so old and widespread that each region, even each village, has something peculiar to tingle your senses, a unique flavour, a particular variety of an already special ingredient or a local version of a strange recipe hidden in somebody’s grandmother cupboard...

. Adventure and skippered charters

The passion for adventure

A sailor is he who ‘ventures under sail upon strange coasts, seeking those first experiences, and trying to feel as felt the earlier men in happier times, to see the world as they saw it’ (Hilaire Belloc).

If you are looking for idle days grilling under the sun with an unchanging horizon and an exceedingly numerous company, you clicked on the wrong site. Our vessels feel at ease in faraway places and 'off the beaten path' routes. It's a question of style, of philosophy. We try to reward our guests with a unique approach to cruising: the original one. To discover our planet as it is. Our modern sailboats can take you in comfort in the remotest and most spectacular corners of the globe, whether they are as close as a volcano in the mediterranean or a barren island in antarctica. Our Italian, French, Slovenian and Swiss skippers share the same loce for the ancient way of sailing the sea, respecting its rules, traditions, heritage and, why not, superstitions. Don't expect to leave for a crossing on a Friday and please do not light a cigarette with a candle. By the way, you know why? The wives of the sailors of the old days, especially whalers who remained away from home for years, always kept a lit candle at the window. It meant that their husband was faraway, but alive. The candle meant life, and coulnd not be used for other pourposes.

. Art & Culture

Art and the culture of the sea are the highlight of these special cruises. Art: our skippers will focus your cruise around history, archaeology, art, ancient villages, urbanistic jewels and exhibitions, museums and other architectural masterpieces of the coutries around the Mediterranean sea, the father of culture. But there is more: our selected skippers are a true mine of maritime culture, stories and tradition. They will accompany you in a different world, made of a unique heritage, strange superstitions and end