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Art and the Sea

Discover the culture of the sea and the artistic jewels along the shores of the Mediterranean with our art cruises.



Caspar david Friedrich, 1776-1840
German romantic master

J.W.M. Turner, 1775-1851

English romantic painter

Winslow Homer and Sam Abell's modern version of his spirit (right)

Panorama of a Whaling Voyage, ca. 1860 (detail). Thomas F. Davidson (??1921). Salem, Mass.. Oil on muslin.


Bo Bartlett


Montagu Dawson


Caspar Friedrich


Francois Roux (1811-1882)





View of Delft,
Jan Vermeer






Henri Moret









Der Monk am Meer,
CD Friedrich








The Geographer,
Jan Vermeer

The Japanese master Hokusai

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