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Gib Sea 44, Sicily
. Cruises: cabin, adventure, gourmet
. Prices: from 800 Euros a week pp f.b.
. Guests: 6
. Specials: Italian cuisine
. Destinations 2006: Greece and Turkey
. Languages: Italian, English, German
. Vessel: solid, elegant and fast classic
  . length: 13.42
. beam: 4.00
. cabins: 4
. heads: 2
. crew: 2
. sail area:
. engine: 55 hp

We welcome you aboard our vessel to spend unforgettable days around the Mediterranean Sea. Fantasia was built by the French shipyard Gibert Marine, very well known for the remarkable choice of materials, suitable for long and safe sailing. You will sail on the wings of the north-west wind and Sirocco and experience the incredible emotion to feel bathed in Nature, observing turtles and dolphins. Among charming islands and a blue sea you would relax or take actively part in the ropes of the boat. Boat interior are just great, provided with 8 berths in four confortable cabins (with 2 double beds) and a large lounge, equipped with 3 toilets. All interior riggings are finished in solid teak wood, thus making the natural light quite pleasant inside. The cockpit is wide and ergonomic. You could taste the good sicilian and italian cuisine, and also exotic recipes of Marocco and Tunisia.


Sicily is home of one of the most varied and diversified cuisines in Italy. Years of Spanish, Norman and Moor domination left flavours of faraway deserts and northern creamyness. Some of the best meats can hardly challenge the perfection of mediterraneao Tuna and Swordfish, so tasty and good in their carpaccio raw versions, accompanied by the local olive oils and capers. Then you cannot leave sicily without a taste of the local pastries (cannolo with ricotta), granite and ice creams.

Fantasia Recipe: spaghetti eoliani

Slowly fry two cloves of garlic in olive oil and add 'Pachino' small tomatoes in pieces and fresh basil, but never let the garlic burn. Add chopped capers, hot red pepper and olives. Cook for some minutes. Throw in the spaghetti 'al dente' and cook for a minute.

Lipari is home of some of the best capers in the world, and deserve the status of protected ingredient by Slow Food. Prefer the smaller ones, usually sold salted. Rinse them abundantly before use.


Ha lavorato nel 1992 con il WWF per lo studio dei cetacei

e per la difesa delle tartarughe caretta caretta. Naviga da 15 anni sulla sua barca a vela, ha svolto attività di charter da circa 12 anni, ottimo conoscitore del Mar Mediterraneo e delle sue isole. Ha navigato in Brasile del sud, una traversata atlantica dalle Bahamas alle Azzorre.

Titolo professionale di skipper, patente nautica senza limiti vela e motore, Certificato RTF, corso di sopravvivenza e salvataggio, corso di PSSR, 1° Soccorso. E’ in possesso di libretto di navigazione valido per imbarchi come comandante, in imbarcazioni fino a 24mt. adibite al noleggio.

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